Fiverr Fee Currency Conversion Calculator

Find out how to save money on Fiverr fees and PayPal currency conversion fees with our Fiverr fee calculator. Use our Fiverr fee currency calculator before you withdraw your earnings from Fiverr to calculate currency conversion fees. This Fiverr fee calculator uses realtime currency exchange rates to calculate payout fees. Fees can be a very important factor when negotiating the right price with your clients, so we hope our Fiverr fee calculator can be a helpful tool to keep the fees in mind. Read more about How to use the Fee Calculator to determine all of the Fiverr and PayPal fees.

Gig Information

For long-term success as a Freelancer, its important to know you how much Fiverr and PayPal fees you pay. Fiverr Pro means 10% less fees.

Gig Pricing and Work Hours

Choose the right price for your Fiverr gig using our fee and currency calculator. Our Fee Calculator uses realtime currency exchange rates!

Calculated Fees

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How to use the Fiverr Fee Currency Calculator

Tip: Try to estimate the time it takes to complete the project, add 20% more time for possible unexpected challenges.

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Features of the Fiverr Fee Currency Calculator

In summary: This fee calculator will calculate all fees of Fiverr and PayPal to help you negotiate the right price for your gig.

PayPal hidden fees

When you look on PayPals website, you wont find much about fees. You can read about PayPal fees on their official documentation: PayPal - fees

But when you want to withdraw money on Fiverr in a different currency then US$, you suddenly notice a big difference in the amount you receive on your account compared to the amount of cash you actually earned on Fiverr.

Why is that?

Well, Fiverr and PayPal fees are not very transparent unfortunately. The reason for the difference in unexpected fees is, that PayPal does not use the most accurate currency conversion rates. Instead, PayPal adds a margin, basically a fee, to the rate of currency conversion. This margin acts like a fee and adds up to the standard Fiverr fees you have to pay as a freelancer. Our calculator automatically adds the PayPal margin to realtime currency conversion rates to give you an estimate on how much fees you can expect when withdrawing from Fiverr via PayPal (or Bank Transfer).

Understand currency conversion fees on Fiverr

Fiverr payout fees depend on various factors like your seller status and most importantly which payout provider you use. Paypal has different fees than Bank Transfer for example. This is most noticeable when you want to payout in a different currency than what Fiverr uses as their reference currency. You will have to pay currency exchange fees which can be very high depending what provider you use for currency conversion. Since Fiverr uses US$ as its currency, you will have to pay currency conversion fees depending on the payment provider. In the payout process on Fiverr, if you withdraw in a currency other than US$, on the Fiverr payout page you will be asked to confirm the withdrawal currency and amount.

Our Fiverr Fee Currency Calculator can help you estimate what fees you need to pay as a Freelancer on Fiverr.

This amount includes the conversion fees and so the amount you can withdraw will be significantly less than what you earned. This is because it's the exact amount sent to your withdrawal account in a different currency that US$ will have conversion fees have applied to it. These currency conversion fees add up to the fiverr fee depending on your seller status (pro seller pay 10% less fees). Especially on PayPal, you have a huge extra margin on the currency exchange rates which acts like an extra fee. Transferwise on the other hand has specialized in multi-currency-accounts which you can use to save money from currency exchange rate fees. We hope this Fiverr currency fee calculator , Transferwise and the tips on this page helps you in your freelancing journey.

How Transferwise can help you save money on Fiverr fees

When you want to save money from conversion fees, Transferwise multi-currency-account can help you. They have way better currency exchange rates and fees than PayPal. You can literally save thousands of dollars by avoiding PayPal's high currency fees.

All you have to do is withdrawing the money you earned on Fiverr to your Transferwise multi-currency-account. From there, you can exchange it to your local currency and withdraw it directly to your account. Consider creating your Transferwise Account right now!

How to find the right price and hourly rate for your gig

It is important to understand that as a Freelancer on Fiverr (or other freelance platforms like Upwork) you have expenses in fees and currency conversion. These facts should be considered when setting the right price for your gig. You can also use this fee calculator to find your hourly rate depending on the working hour and gig price you set. I use this technique all the time as a freelancer and it helps me alot to put the right price tag for my work.

It is important that you understand the value of your work and estimate the time that you need to get it done. This fee calculator already subtracts the currency conversion fees and Fiverr fees from your hourly rate, so that you can take a realistic guess. Using the hourly rate to find the right price for the gig while keeping the Fiverr fees and PayPal fees in mind helped me a lot in my freelance career.